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International Healer

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Sick, Tired, Stressed, Injured or in Pain

From babies to elderly (humans and pets) we aim to have the whole family healthy and energised.

Conceive with Ease

For those trying to conceive, Men or Women – We’ve helped over a thousand couples conceive naturally… it’s your turn.

Conception to Healthy Newborn

You’re already pregnant… Congratulations!!! Now let’s coach you for the birth and keep you healthy during the pregnancy.

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SuperLearning – Builds self esteem, self worth, confidence and the brain program – well that allows better studying, better storage and recall for exams…

About Me

I help people heal so that they can live their life with health.

Why I do this work?
My mission is to raise people’s vibration so that they live their dream life.
If sick, tired, stressed, injured or in trauma… carrying baggage you are so overwhelmed – fear is created worry is created pain is created… in this low vibration world it is hard a struggle to survive never mind to live in your power with health and abundance!

How can I help you?

I was a premature, underweight baby with parents that got divorced when I was only four years of age. I was unknowingly born with a heart condition. The first people I tried to heal were my parents and twin sister. I choose to share my intuitive healing abilities, expand and heal the world.

I’ve studied through university and under the guidance of master healers all over the world. I’ve consolidated my techniques into a method that matches my style of Being, which I call “Living Naturally with Purpose”.

Today I offer over 290 healing modalities together with a scientific frequency medical device. Each session is unique and exactly what my patient or clients body is asking for in that moment.

Healing others comes naturally to me. Helping others to raise their vibration is an innate gift. Allow me to share it with you, So you can heal your life, your heart, your family, your business…
Then I live my Purpose of “Healing the World”

Happy Clients Said:

You Fixed My Neck!

“For the first time Inc 60 years,  woke with no pain the day after our session. It’s feeling stronger and better everyday. Thank you and see you again soon.” Jackie

Top of my Graduating Class!

”I’m graduating with honors today! Thank you so much for all your assistance through all the assignments, exam and with this whole crazy year. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again.” Lerato

Healed, enlightened and in my power again!

”Thanks so much for your session, your patience , your time! I got my scan back and the cancer is just gone. I feel enlightened, abundant and in my personal power again. Blessed because I found you. I am definitely going to use the tools you just gave me, the others have all worked so well. I’m really excited. Have a wonderful day, love June.”

Sports Injury and Heart Condition Sorted!

”I took the day off today as you recommended, I slept the whole day. (You were right I was exhausted and didn’t know it). The palpitations have disappeared, I am far more relaxed and as for my injured knee…I can walk on it gently with no pain. Now I believe you when you tell me you’ll get me running again and get my other health issues under control” James

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