From Conception to Healthy Newborn

Congratulations, you’re carrying that precious new life inside you. But, you’ve got a thousand questions and misgivings or your pregnancy is already more rocky than you expected.

I get it. I was right where you are right now!
At the tender age of 40, pregnant with my first child and saying “Wow, this is really hard, what should i be doing?” There is so much information – From friends and family and a million experts on the internet – all coming at you as your baby grows; it’s both scary and joyful! What do you believe? Whats good for you and your baby and what’s crap? The last thing you want is other woman’s experiences and advice – you want information about YOU AND YOUR BABY and you want a treatment that is unique because it is specific for you.

Contact me now. With the help of my Scientific Medical Equipment and training. I will tell you what is going on inside your body. I will balance what is out of balance inside your body without affecting your baby. You will clear emotional scarring and free you from fear, anger, grief and anxiety before they interfere with the birth.

Let me walk with you on your journey